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Established in November of 2020 - afterMath Esports is a premiere North American entertainment & esports organization. Currently supporting rosters in Valorant, APEX LEGENDS, Dota 2, & our incredibly talented content creators.

Founded by former professional StarCraft II player Matthew "kaRmy" Munholland, our mission is to support our players, creators, staff, and fans, to reach their true potential & pursue their dreams.

Get ready to #facetheaftermath.

From our founder & owner, MATTHEW MUNHOLLAND

"During my time as a pro gamer, I felt pressed by the teams I played for to focus my efforts on helping grow the teams brand, not my own. After my competitive career came to an end, I didn't have much to show for my hard work. I started afterMath Esports to put our players, creators, & staff first. Ensuring the possibility of a lasting career in esports if they wish to pursue one. Supporting everyone involved to push past their limitations, reach their true potential, follow their dreams, and love the process."

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